Wisconsin Election Integrity is a group of volunteer citizens, formed in the Summer of 2012, committed to protecting all aspects of Wisconsin’s elections to ensure that elections reflect the will of the people. We are interested in every aspect of the elections process that can affect our right to self-government through elections, from redistricting to voter eligibility requirements and registration, through to the very end: tabulating the votes and certifying the correct winners.

Currently, we focus our efforts on the appropriate use and management of election technology, which is the weakest link in Wisconsin’s elections-administration practices and the one that gets least serious attention.

In the past, we have organized observations of pre-election voting machine tests; county canvass meetings; and post-election audits; and have performed public, transparent verification of the voting machine output in Dane County after five elections. In 2017, when it became apparent that the Racine County Canvass had twice certified incorrect results in the 2016 presidential race–once right after the election and then again in the recount–we organized a citizens’ hand-counted audit to determine the extent of the problem and call attention to the unreliable county canvass procedures (which were typical of those used in other counties.)

If you would like to be notified of future events, to help out with them, or to organize a presentation or similar events in your county, please email us at info@WisconsinElectionIntegrity.org, orĀ follow us on Facebook.

Until late 2017, we funded our own activities exclusively with our personal funds and received logistical support, such as help with this website and publicity, from the Wisconsin Grassroots Network. We are not yet incorporated nor do we have any tax status. We have twice raised funds for special projects through GoFundMe.

The Action Team is strictly nonpartisan.

Election Integrity Action aspires to make every effort to work with, not against, elections officials for as long as we can while still pursuing our mission. We have no interest in embarrassing elections officials, and have genuine respect and gratitude for the hard work they do with minimal resources. When we see problems, we look for systemic causes and solutions first, and believe that suspicions of fraud and corruption are almost always best put on hold until all other causes have been ruled out. We try always to present constructive, realistic suggestions and proposals whenever we point out shortcomings or problems. We take care to share only reliably accurate information when we can, and if we see value in sharing any less-than-verifiable information, we will be clear about the nature of the information.