Arrange an Election Integrity Presentation & Discussion for your group

If your community group wants to learn more about election integrity—or if you’ve already heard enough about the problem and just want to know how fix it—consider inviting Wisconsin Election Integrity representatives for a presentation.  With colorful, informative handouts and plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion, we can explain:

  • The risks that threaten accurate election results, and what regular citizens and local election officials can do to address them;
  • The roles of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, county officials, and municipal officials in ensuring accurate election results, and the opportunities and limitations of each;
  • Wisconsin elections law and practice relating to the accuracy of our election results;
  • and more.

How long? That’s up to you. We’ve got a ten-minute version of the presentation, and an hour-long version, and anything in between. But be advised: you’ll need plenty of time for productive questions and discussion. This is a fascinating topic that people care deeply about, so no matter how much time we allow for Q&A, it always seems participants want more.

Where? We’re willing to travel anywhere in Wisconsin.

How much? We’d be happy to accept gas money, but if that’s a barrier, we’ll come on our own. We just want to get the word out.

Invite your local elections officials.  Their presence helps the discussion stay constructive, realistic, and relevant to local issues; reassures them that no one is making nasty accusations or false statements behind their backs; and starts the ball rolling on a cooperative, collaborative relationship.

If you have any group members with experience as election inspectors (poll workers) or as IT professionals, extend a special invitation to them, too. Their presence will also improve the discussion.

If you have any questions, or want to schedule a presentation, email us at with your questions or let us know when and where you would like a presentation.

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